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Our Beginnings
Our ancient story begins with living life in peace with one another, living with great respect for our Mother Earth. We believe that all things great and small are alive in spirit and are all related.
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Our Story
It is not simply one story that can be summarized in the few pages of a website, but is thousands of years of accounts of heroism, courage, fortitude in the face of broken promises and survival against all odds. Our stories, our culture, our tradition, community and spirit are replenished each time our story is told. Read More

Our History
Our story is not all about suffering as some would report but in our hearts, minds and actions our story is spiritual. It tells of freedom, beauty, sharing, healing and hope. More…

Lakota Community
To speak of community creates a mental image of a township with city blocks, border lines, and the buildings and residents therein. This is not an accurate picture of the Lakota people and their lifeways.. Learn More
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