Our Beginnings


Life of Peace
Our ancient story began with living a life of peacefulness, having respect for Mother Earth and understood that all things are related (Mitakuye Oyasin) and alive in spirit.  It is part of creation that all things have life and that we live as one and in command of nothing.  We do not own Mother Earth but that we belong to the earth.  We respect that Mother Earth provides for us and in return we take care of her like she was own mother. Lakota Creation Story

Value of Buffalo

Value of Buffalo.

The buffalo is our source of food, it was asked to sacrifice its life for our survival. When it was taken, everything was used. The horns for utensils, the hides for robes and blankets, the sinew and bones for needles and thread, the hair was used in our pillows, and even the marrow from its bones was put into the meat to moisten it. Ceremonies were performed before the hunt to ask the buffalo for its sacrifice and processing the buffalo meat was again done in a ceremonial fashion out of respect for the animals sacrifice. Its meat became our meat, its spirit become ours upon eating it. In this, the oneness remained intact. In this, nature remained in perfect balance in its complexity and simplicity. Even nature’s horrors of storms were recognized as part of the necessary balance that sustained all life.
Gifts of the Buffalo

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